For some pets, conventional veterinary care does not offer full relief from symptoms and may involve troublesome side effects that are unacceptable. Alternative therapies can often provide a good option to deal with a variety of health problems. At Integrative Veterinary Therapies , we provide a broad range of veterinary services for pet health. 

Dr. Gucciardo and the team at Integrative Veterinary Therapies are dedicated to providing quality care and wellness for all their patients. We provide veterinary services for cats, dogs and some services for pocket pets and birds (limited to wing trimming and nail trimming for birds and pocket pets). Contact Integrative Veterinary Therapies today at (631) 924-7700 for an appointment to learn about the many services we can provide for your pet’s continued good health.

Wellness Care

Regular veterinary visits provide an opportunity for our vet to assess an animal’s general condition, as well as find any small problems that should be addressed to prevent more serious illnesses.


Keeping vaccinations updated can protect your pet from many common animal illnesses. Your vet can provide all “core” vaccines and can advise you on any additional vaccinations your pet may need for special situations.

Advanced Wound Healing with Therapeutic Soundwave (Shock Wave) 

We are proud to announce that we are Suffolk County's official Shock Wave center! Shockwave therapy is a technique that uses high frequency sound waves to improve tissue healing. PulseVet Shock Wave can be used to treat a wide range of injuries including bone, ligament, soft tissue, open wounds, and more. Click >here< to learn more about Shock Wave!

In-House Laboratory

We provide in-house laboratory services to help diagnose pet health problems when they occur and to ensure you pet remains healthy at all stages of life.

Digital Radiography

X-rays are a critical part of veterinary medicine that allow vets to see inside an animal’s body and diagnose problems of the bones, joints, and internal organs.


We provide both spay and neuter surgery, as well as general surgery, to help our animal patients maintain good health and function.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to treat animals, just as it is for humans. We have extensive training in TCM and use a variety of herbal remedies to treat pet illness.

Massage Therapy/Bowen Therapy

Massage can be beneficial for pets, as well as for humans. Our experienced practitioners help to reduce pain and improve physical function with therapeutic touch techniques. Bowen Therapy is a specific type of massage that uses the thumb and forefingers in a rolling technique that helps to stimulate nerve function throughout the body. By these small moves by the manipulation, it was assumed that the brain focuses on this area. After each period of manipulation, a two-minute break is taken in the procedure to allow the body to rest, and then the procedure is restarted.  It is said that these breaks promote the healing process.   This technique is used to treated musculoskeletal problems of the shoulder, back, and neck pain.

Therapeutic Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy uses low-intensity laser beams/light energy and is a method of treating pain and injury as well as a variety of other pet conditions, which some consider technological therapy.  The theory behind the treatment is that lasers stimulate healing that helps promote recovery faster. Tissues are not stimulated or repaired by heat because low levels of light to not produce heat.

Local Growth Removal

Pets often develop benign growths on the face or body that can be easily removed with minor surgery using a local anesthetic and performed in the exam room.

Trap-Neuter-Release Services

We also provide low-cost spay and neuter services for feral cats that you may find in the wild. Spaying and neutering helps to reduce the feral cat population and helps these animals to live healthier lives.

Online Pet Pharmacy

We are proudly partnered with Covetrus online pet pharmacies to offer you direct to door shipping for all pet medications. Please visit our online pharmacy here: Covetrus Pharmacy

And MUCH, MUCH More! Please give us a call to schedule a consultation for your pet (631)924-7700. 


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