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Integrative Veterinary Therapies

Dr. Dominic Gucciardo DVM was granted a New York license as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine over  fifteen years ago.  He has worked as a veterinarian and is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA).  His veterinary practice, Integrative Veterinary Therapies is located in Ridge, NY. Dr. Gucciardo treats dogs and cats. Integrative Veterinary Therapies is a veterinary hospital that offers emergency treatment and standard treatment for your pets that need medical, surgical, and dental care.  Such conventional therapies that would include wellness programs for puppies, kittens, adults, and geriatrics, and vaccinations because of a disease process or pain or as required by law. Dr. Dominic Gucciardo practices preventative pet care. 

Veterinarian in Ridge Alternative Therapies

What sets off Integrative Veterinary Therapies from other practices is that it offers holistic therapy,  alternative drug-free therapies like cold laser, herbal, acupuncture, massage, and the Bowen Technique.  The holistic and alternative therapeutic techniques in animals are similar procedures used by chiropractors and, in part, by Doctors of Osteopathy,

* Cold Laser Therapy uses low-intensity laser beams and is a method of treating pain and injury, which some consider technological therapy.  The theory behind the treatment is that lasers stimulate healing that helps promote recovery faster. Tissues are not stimulated or repaired by heat because low levels of light to not produce heat. The typical laser therapy treatments are used to destroy tumors or coagulate tissue by highly focused, intense laser beams that cause heat. Doctors, dentists, and physical therapists use cold laser therapy.  This technique is used to treat minor injuries and sprains caused by sports injuries.

* The Bowen Technique is a therapeutic manipulation of the body using the thumbs and fingers, which is designed to stimulate nerve pathways by moving the skin over the affected or targeted area.  By these small moves by the manipulation, it was assumed that the brain focuses on this area. After each period of manipulation, a two-minute break is taken in the procedure to allow the body to rest, and then the procedure is restarted.  It is said that these breaks promote the healing process.   This technique is used to treated musculoskeletal problems of the shoulder, back, and neck pain.

*Therapeutic Ultra Sound Therapy uses sound waves to treat musculoskeletal problems such as pain from injuries. The ultrasound therapy is sound waves above the range of human hearing.

Integrative Veterinary Therapies offers a range of veterinary services, including holistic and alternative veterinary care to your family pet.  Please make an appointment and Please Call at (631) 924-7700! 


  • "Excellent staff and Dr G is great!!! I highly recommend them, your pet will be happy here."
    Anthony P.
  • "We met Dr G this morning and are very happy with the care and compassion he gave our Nibby. We wish him all the best in establishing his practice."
    Miriam K.
  • "Best Vet, Best Vet Techs, Best Staff, most caring, compassionate people, EVER! Animals are treated lovingly and expertly! They are simply Amazing! I would give them a MILLION STAR rating if I could!"
    Cathy L.
  • "My wonderful French Bulldog "Roxi" had become paralyzed 3 months ago. She could not even urinate on her own. Diagnosis IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) With careful care and acupuncture we were able to avoid the expensive and invasive surgery normally performed on this condition. Thank you to "Doc" for acupuncture and wonderful care as well as Tracy for PT and rehab."
    Jean J.
  • "I just wanna thank Integrative Veterinary for helping me and my daughter with our long time tonkenese Mia...they stayed open on a Saturday night past their hours to be of help to us. Thank you bunches. I highly recommend the new ownership here in RIDGE and when our need for a VET arises we will be back"
    Lisa H.
  • "Integrative Vet Therapies' entire staff is courteous, gentle and kind. My dog suffered paralysis in one of her hind legs and in less than two months she is herself again - without surgery. Everyone there takes the time to greet my girl with patience, love and respect. My dog is excited to be there for her appointments. They all show a genuine devotion to careful healing. I couldn't be happier with their service."
    Regina S.

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