Pet Massage Therapy

Everything in your body is connected. Your muscles and your bones work in unison with one another. So, if there is an issue with one bone or muscle, it can cause problems throughout the rest of your body. The same goes for your pet. That is why at Integrative Veterinary Therapies, we provide massage therapy for all breeds of dogs and cats. We provide quality care for your pet by creating individually tailored massage sessions for your pet’s specific needs. We work with your pet to provide him or her with quality health care and well-being.

massage Emotional Benefits

Massages can help animals who are dealing with psychological stress. We use soothing techniques to make your pet more relaxed during his or her session. Our massage therapy can also help a pet be more comfortable with human touch. Massage therapy alleviates pain and stiffness by promoting blood flow which can help to reduce anxiety and depression.   

Physical benefits

Massage therapy helps to move the cerebral spinal fluid up and down the spine. Those fluids aid the protection of the sacrum, skull, and vertebrae. Massage therapy supports better circulation and increases the intake of oxygen in the areas being massaged. The lymphatic system will work better allowing toxins to be expelled from the lymph glands. Massage therapy helps to support the nervous system which will benefit your pet’s overall health.

How We Can Help

Massage therapy can help a pet reduce pain, improve muscle tone, shorten a healing process, reduce muscle spasms, promote better breathing, and more! Here at Integrative Veterinary Therapies, we use massage therapy to reduce pain and bring balance to your pet’s body. Whatever pain or discomfort your pet is experiencing may be hard for another veterinarian to figure out. Our team works with your pet to thoroughly understand his or her ailment. 

Just like any other massage therapist, our team works with our patients to provide them the best quality of treatment. If you have experienced massage therapy before, then you understand how beneficial it would be to your pet. If you have never had massage therapy for you or your pet, then contact our team today to find out how we can help your pet live healthy and pain-free. We serve Ridge and the surrounding area.


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