Pet Acupuncture

Each year more pet owners are choosing to incorporate natural and holistic healthcare for their pets. Included in this is acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine that is used to treat pain, GI issues, kidney disease, and more. Our veterinary clinic provides this service to the pets of Ridge, New York and the surrounding area with our experienced team at Integrative Veterinary Therapies.


What Is It?

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that uses small needles to help target pain or symptoms of other conditions. Rather than putting your pet on medications that can be harmful to the liver and kidney functions, acupuncture allows for long term pain relief without any chemicals or dangerous side effects. The vet will insert tiny needles into various pressure points throughout the body to target the site of the pain.

Will It Hurt?

Pain during the procedure varies from animal to animal. Many animals, especially small dogs, do not experience pain, while others might have some slight discomfort. Larger dogs sometimes exhibit signs of slight discomfort due to the larger needles used to pierce through the skin. However, acupuncture will lead to an improvement in your furry friend's symptoms over time with minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. Due to the pain masking effects of this service, it is important to keep your pet still and calm afterward. Your pet should only be allowed to run and play once they have been cleared by the veterinary professional.

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

As previously stated, this is a great option for pets who are experiencing chronic pain. Pain is often a symptom of other conditions such as arthritis, nerve injury, or disk disease. In addition to pain management, it also can provide relief for allergies, stomach issues, asthma, liver disease, kidney disease, and problems with the reproductive system. If the situation calls for it, we may include other forms of treatment like physical therapy or medications to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Choosing a Ridge, NY Veterinary Practice

Selecting the right vet is critical to ensure a positive outcome with little to no discomfort during the service. At Integrative Veterinary Therapies, we have some of the best vets in the state. With years of experience in providing relief from painful conditions in pets, we treat every patient as if the pet was our own. If you have been looking into natural remedies to help alleviate your pet's discomfort and pain, we can help! Call us today at (631) 924-7700 to schedule an appointment.


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